“Eyes Down Listen In”

Fancy something completely different?

We’re super excited to bring you a brand new concept for 2018! 🎶 ROCKING BINGO 🎶 will take place every Thursday evening this summer on the Top Deck at the Mermaid Tavern in Herm.

So… what on earth is 🎶 ROCKING BINGO🎶 ? Well, expect banging tunes, ridiculous prizes, crazy props and as much general nonsense as we can cram into the evening. 🙌🎸🐒. Topped off with some delicious food and the chance to escape to Herm for a couple of hours – what’s not to like?

How does it work? Pretty much like normal bingo, but instead of numbers we’ll be playing some of the greatest sing-along tracks from the last six decades. If we play a tune that’s on your card, mark it off. Simple as that. When you get a full house shout it out and you could win one of our amazing prizes✨

Depending on how we’re feeling you could be going home with an inflatable banana, a bottle of bubbly, a sandwich toaster – you get the idea!

So don one of our stylish wigs, grab an inflatable guitar and come and 🎶 ROCK OUT🎶 with us in Herm this summer. 💃🕺

If you want to hire the Top Deck for your sole Bingo use, maybe for a work do or a private party, then that’s cool too. Message us and we’ll see what’s available.


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